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Anything you want to know about Sehati Super Parket

Check out using Tokopedia or contact us via WhatsApp to get a quotation

Yes, we recommend you order 10% extra for your purchase, depending on the size and layout of your projects. Some room layouts result in more lost products, due to cuts.

We ship nationwide (Indonesia), however we currently have not ship overseas

We offer free delivery to Jakarta & Tangerang within 3-4 days for orders above IDR 1,000,000. Please contact us for quotation outside this area, we offer free wood pallet packing for safety delivery.

Yes, we offer delivery nationwide (Indonesia). Please contact us for quotation outside this area, we offer free wood pallet packing for safety delivery

No, your floors will be delivered curbside. The driver is not required to bring the floors into the property for you, we recommend to have someone ready to carry the items inside the house.

For Jakarta & Tangerang area, the delivery will be within 3-4 days. Please contact us for information outside this area.

No glue is needed for installation since it has a click system technology. However, should you order a skirting / end cap piece, it will need glue to attach to your wall.

Yes, we offer a full range of matching transition pieces including end cap and skirting that matches the colour of our collection. We would recommend using end cap if you plan to run the floor against something like a sliding door where you won't be able to hide the expansion gap with a baseboard or a quarter round. We would recommend skirting for a cleaner and smoother transition from your wall to your floor.

Yes, it is compatible for installation on stairs.

No. Our floors are designed for indoor use only.

No. Our floors are designed with foam underlayment that comes preattached to our parket already. Our underlayment is a closed cell, high desity that is 100% waterproof and offer great sound insulation.

Yes, we have a team of installers in Jakarta & Tangerang areas. Please contact us to get a quotation.

Keep products in the box to keep them in its original condition before installing. Keep in room temperature and avoid storing it outside if possible.

Yes. Please note that the surface must be in good condition, flat without bumps or holes, and show no signs of excessive moisture conditions. Do not install flooring over heavily cushioned floors or over tile installed over concrete below grade level. The grout joints in ceramic tiles and marble must be leveled so they are flush within the tile surface. Additionally, the tile may require skim and coats to achive flat surface (di aci)

Please note that Herringbone has A & B pattern and is sold in pairs. Upon installation, please pair the A & B together to achive the Herringbone look that you desire.

Yes. You can install Sehati Super Parket DIY at your home because they are simple and easy to install. Take a look at our installation video for more information. Click here to watch.

You can use water and a mop to clean Sehati Super Parket like a regular ceramic tile. We also recommend regular sweeping and vacuuming. Do not use wax or high-density chemicals such as Porstex, Bayclin, etc.

Yes, Sehati Super Parket is 100% waterproof and includes a top coating. You can mop regularly like cleaning for a ceramic tile.

Sehati Super Parket has a UV protective coating on top of the layer which slows possible fading. However, please note that we do not recommend outdoor installation. To keep the floor in pristine condition, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. During peak sunlight hours, use drapes or blinds to minimize the sunlight.

When moving appliances or heavy furniture we recommend laying a white panel on your floor for the best protection. The heavier the item, the wider the floor protection is needed.

Sehati Super Parket is an engineered SPC flooring designed to be WATERPROOF. Made from natural stone powder as a core.

"SPC" stands for Stone Plastic Composite, and SPC flooring is a type of luxury vinyl flooring that is made of natural stone powder. SPC flooring is known for its durability, stability, and resistance to moisture, as well as its realistic stone-like appearance.

Yes. Sehati Super Parket SPC is Waterproof and you can use water and a mop to clean Sehati Super Parket like a regular ceramic tile.

Yes. Sehati Super Parket is termite proof. As Indonesia's warm climate is prone to termite in woods, it is better to ensure the safety of your home. Sehati Super Parket has a termite proof material so you don't have to worry.

Yes. Sehati Super Parket is safe for your loved ones, with their gentle feel and it is 100% waterproof which is good when your little ones made a mess. It is also scratch and stain resistant.

You can find Sehati Super Parket at Wisma Sehati Showrooms near you. Click here to find the nearest showroom in your area.

We're always working to expand our product collection. We work on new product options throughout the year so it's entirely possible that there will be a new color coming out soon.

When the remainder of the non-reserved stock sells out, the product is officially archived and will is no longer available.

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